Using Turn Signals

Some sort of a passion project, for this assignment we were asked to pick a public issue and create a PSA for it. As someone who loves driving, I hate when other motorists fail to use their turn signals. Studies suggest that  young men 18-24 are the most common culprit of this heinous act, and they do it because it makes driving feel more thrilling. But thrill will always come with a bill.
"Did you know that failing to use your turning signals while on the road could lead you to a nasty ticket, costing you up to $130 and 2 demerit points. Those two together can be the end for young drivers, and could further result in the suspension of your license. With these consequences also comes a spike in your insurance, because now you are a liability to your provider and other drivers.
All of this, because you didn't use your turning signal.
Just Flick It."