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Fight For The Future

This assignment was to create a compelling long copy advertisement that tells a moving story with the theme of diversity and inclusiveness. The insight I chose to base this double-page spread on, is Elon Musk's determination to build a better tomorrow that benefits all people, from all walks of life. Even though Tesla's electric-powered cars still have quite the price tag today, the goal is to reach a point

where anyone can access a clean energy vehicle. Tesla is Fighting for the Future.

tesla ad mockup copy.png
Long Copy 

"Just because something does not exist right now does not mean that it is impossible.


And simply because the world is not perfect right now does not mean that it never will be. We have to strive to be the difference in the world, even if it seems impossible. That is why we never think about what could be done today, but rather we focus on what we can achieve by tomorrow. The future is where our hopes and dreams of what life could be, and we can not just forget about them.


Fight for Change. Fight for the Future."

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